Out to a Concert : Foxy Shazam


A week ago Tuesday came an outing we had been waiting for for quite some time. That was a concert by the band Foxy Shazam, for which I had bought tickets ages earlier, for us and our like-minded-on-the-music-front friends, Issy and Andrea.

Our introduction to this band was totally by chance, almost four years ago when Nick, Issy and I caught their set when they were opening for a band called Hollerado. While the headliners were very good, we just could not stop talking about the opener, Foxy Shazam.

Having formed in Cincinnati USA in 2004, this highly entertaining band left an indelible positive impression, and we’ve been quoting some hilarious lines of banter by the front-man, Eric Nally, since that show in 2010. So as soon as I noticed they were coming back to Toronto, I went right on over to Rotate This for tickets. Since then, the tickets had been stuck into the frame of a mirror, promising a certain good time on the horizon.

And that good time was had in spades last week at a venue called Lee’s Palace.

It was a bit drizzly as we took the streetcar up to the show, but that didn’t stop me from getting a shot with the painted mural out front of Lee’s. It’s a piece by mural artist Al Runt and there’s a good write up about it here if you’re interested.




The opening band was Larry and His Flask from Oregon USA. We all thought they sounded really good, with perfect three part harmonies.



Here we are. The place was very dark, so the shots are inevitably so.


↑ With Issy ↑


↑ With Nick ↑


↑ With Andrea ↑


↑ <3 ↑nick-getting-drinks

And here is Foxy Shazam in all their glory …


↑ I got all six of them in the same shot, which was quite a feat with all the moving around that was going on up on stage. ↑









By the time the show was over the rain had stopped and the night had gotten beautiful, so we grabbed a slice at Pizza Gigi (a 40+ year old family take-out or delivery spot that is arguably the best in town) and walked home.

Nick is still talking about how great the Foxy Shazam show was!


We’re on a roll for concerts these days, as we have tickets for another one this weekend. So I’m a happy girl, as going to see live bands in small venues is right up there on my favourite fun things to do list.

Thanks for dropping over.
xo loulou