Here is a collection of chickens I’ve seen around town in the past several months.

Q – Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A – To get to the other slide.

Q – Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, and then cross back?
A – Because he was a dirty double crosser.

Groan, I know. I’ll stop now and let the pictures do the talking.







In case you were wondering about the product on the shelf beside the sitting chicken above, I looked it up … ‘Holy Crap’ is a high fiber cereal. What a name!

Reminds me of a brand of biscuits I saw on the shelves at a regular everyman grocery store. I saw them first taking up premium retail real-estate on the shelf at eye level. Then throughout the weeks they migrated to lower shelves, finally being displayed, at a deep discount, on the bottom shelf, before they disappeared from the store all together.

I’m sure they were fine cookies and it was the name that wasn’t appealing to people. They were called ‘Bowel Buddies Bran Wafers’. Now imagine yourself waiting in line at the cash register with a box of those along with your milk and eggs.

Hope your Tuesday is a good one.
xo loulou