Out for Drinks With a Friend : The Black Bull


I recently met my friend Meghan for some drinks and nachos at a tavern called The Black Bull. It is thought to be Toronto’s oldest bar that is still in operation, having opened in 1838 (but don’t quote me on that because there’s another one also still running, called The Wheat Sheaf, that opened in 1849. The question is, did The Black Bull, which first opened as a hotel serve alcohol and therefore be in the running for oldest bar? It’s irrelevant to this story though, so let’s just say that Meghan and I went to a really old bar.)

We were actually quite lucky to be able to go to The Black Bull because there had been a major fire in the upstairs apartments in April of 2011. There are some pictures and the story about it here, BlogTo.com

And speaking of fires, just last October the heritage building across the street burned to the ground. Weird that there were two fires on the same corner but it was just coincidence and they weren’t related. The third picture below shows the empty lot where this second fire occurred.


It was cold outside but I wanted to walk so I wore pants to keep me warm. I had recently watched a scene in a program where the character was wearing a red dress with a black sweater that had white piping on it, and I thought of putting my white piped jacket with my red cords.


You might recognize my bag from my recent thrift store scores post here.

I thought I had found a good spot in my place to take outfit shots with natural sunlight, but darn if I don’t have to be looking sideways towards the window to get enough light. So the search continues! Looking forward to being able to get outside to take pictures again.


[Outfit details: Jacket – vintage 90s, Pants – International Concepts, Boots – Predictions, Purse – thrifted Basido, Necklace – a gift from Nick.]

Wishing you a great Thursday and thanks for taking a look.
xo loulou