Not so Mellow Yellow

It's the last week for the photo series called 'Take Tuesday', that was organized by Shakti Dove. The final prompt is Yellow.

I found participating in the series to be really fun and will miss taking photos to suit a theme every week. Here's sending a big thank you out to Shakti for pulling it together.

These are my pictures, all of which were taken out and about on the streets of the city ...















I remember a photography teacher telling the class once that of all the colours, yellow is the one that pops out the most in pictures. That was back in the day of film photography and I'm not sure if the same applies for digital, but by the looks of these, it does. Most of them were taken on very dreary days or at dusk, which these days begins at 4:00pm. Sheesh, let the shortest day of the year get here and be done with, and then let there be light once again!

Thank you very much for taking a look.
xo loulou

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7 Responses to Not so Mellow Yellow

  1. shakti says:

    We must think alike because we have so many similar take tuesday images!
    What do the yellow boxy lights with an X on them mean? We don’t have those in America.

    • Loulou says:

      That’s a Cross-Walk. If you want to cross the street at one, you push a button that’s mounted on a pole at the side of the street. Those lights begin flashing and the cars have to stop so that you may cross safely.

      One of the things I love the most about blogging is learning about things in other parts of the world. I thought they had Cross-Walks everywhere, but now know differently!

      • dollyboy says:

        Are the cross walks different or in place of the traditional ones with the poles and the symbols? The famous American ones have the iconic Walk / Don’t Walk lights. Over here we have a red and green man and I seem to recall Australia having something similar to ours but noisier!

        Still enjoy your photos. I really need to get out more next year and take some myself…

        (written and re-written before my head had woken up. It makes little sense to me either)

        • Loulou says:

          The cross-walks in Toronto are located on stretches of the street between traditional stop lights. They are meant to deter and be a safer alternative to jaywalking. However I have noticed that they are slowly disappearing, being replaced by regular stop lights, with the red, yellow and green. This is probably because they are pretty dangerous to cross at. The pedestrian pushes the button indicating that they are going to cross and, by law, the cars have to stop and let them pass. But many drivers don’t stop. In fact I just heard about two pedestrians being hit at a cross-walk this very morning.

  2. Vix says:

    I’m loving these vibrant bursts of yellow, cheering up the winter gloom!
    I can’t wait to have longer days, if I haven’t taken blog photos by 2pm I may as well forget it! x

  3. Jenny Lee says:

    This might be my favorite collection yet! I LOVE that yellow amidst the gray skies and city.

  4. Lovely photos – and the touch of yellow!

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