Themed Thursday : Leaves

I like to go about taking photographs to suit a theme as though I am collecting images. I’ll take one picture of a subject one day (such as a bird which was last week’s theme seen here), then I’ll have it stuck in my mind and seem to find photo-ops to fit that topic wherever I go! So I have begun to dedicate my Thursday posts to displaying the various groups of photographs I have taken that fit a given theme.

For this week, inspired by the first falling leaves, I selected Leaves as my topic. It could have been called Maple Leaves, because alexcept photographs would fit, except for the last one but I just couldn’t resist including it in this series. Because I love it.

1. These leaves were among the first to fall and landed upon my little patch of moss.
2. This bottle once held Maple Syrup and was given to me for Christmas in a gift basket of gourmet goodies, by an excellent boss I used to have.
3. These brass leaves are embedded in the sidewalk in our ‘hood. They were apparently set in the 70s, as part of an art project commemorating a river which once ran right through the city (Garrison Creek, which I will discuss in detail in an upcoming post).
4. I found this military medal between the walls of an old house I used to live in. I didn’t know anything about it at the time and just tucked it into a box of treasures. I recalled it when embarking on this series of leaf photographs so I did some research. It is made of copper and is called a collar pin. It was worn by members of the 95th Infantry Battalion of Toronto, who were sent to war in 1916 and who fought at Vimy Ridge. I have no business having his medal and would be happy to pass it on to descendants of someone who was a member of the 95th Battalion.
5. I bought this book in a used book store in order to complete an essay for my music class in high school. I kept it all these years, and recently, while moving books to a new shelf, I noticed the leaf pressed between it’s pages. I must have put that there when I was a teen-ager.
6. Hand Painted on Tree Leaf Skeleton .. This is what it says on this greeting-card I bought from the person who painted it and was selling his work on Yonge Street a long time ago. I’m not religious but do like religious art and love this unique creation so have kept it in a frame for safe keeping. Nick and I have a bit of a laugh because we’re pretty sure we got a really good price on new windows for our home last year, due to my collection of religious art and the message it sent to the church-minded fellow who installed the windows!

Thank you … I appreciate your visit :)