Themed Thursday : Birds

For today’s themed post I’ve selected ‘birds’ as the topic.

1. This chicken puzzle is one of my favourite pieces in my vintage Kinder-Egg-Surprise collection.
2. City slicker birds. The sculpture is on Queens Quay West, just east of Bathurst.
3. Nerd alert … yes I collect ceramic figurines. The duck is a milk jug and the milk pours out of his beak.
4. The old ‘Blue Bird Building’ is located on Adelaide Street.
5. I treated myself to this little cast iron bird from a cute shop on Queen Street West called Chatelet.
6. The man who gave me this vase was the best platonic male friend I’ve ever had. Unfortunately he died before he’d barely begun to enjoy life as an adult.

I’m sorry to end this post on a sad note like that, but Peter has been on my mind these days, as he always is at this time of year because it is our Thanksgiving this week-end and he died on Thanksgiving. I guess remembering the sad things makes one appreciate and be thankful for the life we have the privilege to enjoy.