What’s up in the Garden : August

Greetings! Well I guess if I were a better garden planner I would have selected a variety of plants that would have kept the floral show going throughout the summer. As it is, we had all kinds of things up in April, May and June. A few new flowers in July. And August? … not so much! My garden is showing the results of my decision not to add any extra water and just let nature take it’s course. Though I do admit to rescuing a few plants with a manual watering mid month, as it has gotten pretty dry out there. The grass thinks it’s mowed hay and, well, this means we don’t have to cut it, so it’s easy-peasey on that front, but a little crisp under the bum for picnics on a blanket!

A hibiscus tree I put in a few years ago and a pink plant in the rock garden


Wild Leek

These wild leeks are so nice. I have no idea where they first came from, though I see them in my neighbours garden as well, so assume they have migrated over. Whatever the case, I’m very happy to have them. Every year they multiply and they draw in the honey bees like nobody’s business! Plus as a bonus, we’ve been harvesting the leaves all season long and adding them to all kinds of dishes.

So, this is it for the flowers in the garden this year. There is nothing left to come up, which is a little sad :( Actually a lot sad, because winter will be here before we know it, and it is so not my favourite season. We get lots of snow here in Toronto and it gets very very cold. But to look on the bright side, as my friend puts it, at least in the cooler (colder) months we can accessorize our outfits more!