The Canadian National Exhibition, (also known as The Ex), has been running in Toronto since 1879. It is open for the last two weeks of August, and any person who grew up in or around the city has probably got their own memories tied in with this fair.

For me, a trip as an adult without children was solely for the sake of nostalgia. Well that and we felt like some exercise after an early dinner and it was a really nice evening out weather-wise. Also Glen Campbell was playing at the Bandshell, where shows have always been included with price of admission. Glen wouldn’t be my first choice of performer, but I thought it would be fun to see/hear him. Speaking of admission … it was only $5 per adult after 5pm (versus $16), something I hadn’t seen mentioned anywhere. Bonus!

There’s no doubt that Nick obliged me in my desire to go. He didn’t grow up around Toronto and has no emotional connection to the CNE, but he came because I asked him to. Love is … taking your lady to the fair <3

Food building sign erected in 1954
Automotive Building (with the hanging lamp) built in 1929
Princes’ Gates (last photo) built in 1927

To see some fantastic old photographs of the CNE, check out BlogTO old pictures of The Ex