Look it’s a bird … no, it’s an interesting plane!

Today, Labour Day, was the third and final day of the Canadian International Air Show, held annually on Toronto’s water front. Unfortunately the weather didn’t co-operate and it was cancelled on Saturday and I wonder if the actual full show took place on Sunday and Monday, because it sure looked overcast. If I was a pilot I wouldn’t have wanted to do twirly-tricks in that!

We know for sure that at least some of the planes were flying though because everyone who was downtown at the time could hear them, and occasionally catch a glimpse of one flying by in a flash. But since light travels faster than sound, a person holding a camera could not depend on sound to indicate when it was time to take the picture. I saw the Canadian Snowbirds fly by, 9 planes in full formation, so close to one another that it seemed an impossible feat. Without sound first I had no idea when to prepare to take a picture and where to point my camera. And by the time they had flown over and it was too late.

I was not actually at the airshow. There is a place where people pay to get in and have a seat, in full view of the show as it is intended to be seen. The rest of the people in the city were treated to the stunning sight of the planes flying overhead, after they’d done their tricks for the audience and were on their way back to the landing strip.

I did get this one shot of a jet though.

… And this squirrel … admittedly out of focus. Alas the perfect squirrel picture has eluded me once again!

Hope you all had a good Labour Day.