Cooking with Nick : Artistic Lefties – Curried Shrimp

The dinner Nick made the other night was delicious.  He took some left-over grilled shrimp and made a wonderful curry that he served over Basmati rice. All served up on paper plates because we have no dishes due to kitchen reno.

Recipe for Shrimp Curry (using pre-cooked shrimp):
First he sauteed some diced onion, minced hot pepper and garlic in olive oil and added a tablespoon of curry powder and mixed that together.  Then he added a scoop of the tomato sauce (canned or homemade) (Nick regularly grabs the marked-down tomatoes that wind up on the ‘quick-sale’ table because they are too ripe for the store to sell full price, and makes sauce that gets stored in the fridge or, depending on how much there is, frozen in small zip-lock freezer bags. But you could easily use plain canned tomato sauce for this recipe.)

To this he added 2 cups of water and a piece of unsweetened coconut that comes ground up and molded into squares, and stirred until it dissolved.  This stuff is very handy, as you can cut off just as much as you need and store the rest in the fridge, where it lasts a long time.

Aside:  We did buy a whole coconut once, which we tried to open with the electric drill and a large drill-bit.  We got a hole in it and drained the juice but just couldn’t get that sucker cracked open!  So we gave up and stuck it in the compost bin.  The remnants of the experience remain in our garden today, in the form of the shell, still completely intact after several years.  The coconut meat was eaten by worms or something, and now it makes a nice home for insects!

Anyway, back to the shrimp curry.  After the tomato sauce and coconut, he brought the mixture almost to a boil then turned the heat down.  Then he added the pre-cooked, shelled shrimp (self prepared or bought frozen) and a bit of salt.  This was gently heated and served over some fried rice he had made with leftover rice and grilled vegetables, and topped with a dollop of yogurt. (The curry could also be served over plain Basmatti rice.)

This was the first time he had made this dish and it was amazingly delicious.

It was quite late when he served this, so by the time the meal hit the table we were quite hungry.  Needless to say he was not amused when I pulled out the camera to take pictures!  But he got particularly annoyed when I began snapping shots of my empty dirty plate, at which point he left me at the table and went to find something to watch on Netflix.

But he didn’t see what I was seeing!

(For new readers … paper plates courtesy of an ongoing kitchen renovation!)