Lovely Lefties : Penne Pasta with Salmon

For our main meal today, which rather than brunch was ‘Lupper’ (Linner?), Nick prepared a pasta dish using the leftover salmon from the bbq the other night. It had originally been marinated in tarragon and lime juice, so those flavours came through in the leftover dish.

To make it he sauteed shallots (sliced once or twice into lengthwise chunks) and small mushrooms, (left whole if they’re bite size) in olive oil, then added a good scoop of the homemade tomato sauce he always has on the go, or you can use plain canned tomato sauce. To this he added a bit of salt and then at the very end he tossed in some chopped fresh oregano and basil. If you only have dried spices, cook the sauce for a bit longer. In a separate pan he fried some garlic slivers in melted butter (we like garlic so he used 3 cloves but use as much as you like, or none at all), then added the salmon, cut into chunks and cooked it just long enough to heat it up. In the meantime he had boiled the penne noodles (you can also used rigatoni, macaroni or rotini). To serve he tossed the noodles with the sauce, plated this and then topped each serving with some of the salmon. Grated Parmesan cheese, freshly ground pepper, and dried pepper flakes if you like it hot, were added over-top.

We are lucky to live within an easy walk to the shop of one of Toronto’s best cake makers, Dufflet , where they make all kinds of delicious desserts, including a nicely sized ‘cake-let’ for smaller families. Nick had popped in during the day and picked up this little beauty, and we had a piece instead of an evening meal … we like treats but try to eat them instead of a meal, rather than in addition to a meal … lol, yes, we had cake for dinner!