Cardamom Latte at Home – No Special Equipment Needed

easy homemade lattes with cardamom

Nick and I were browsing around 'House of Spice' in Kensington Market, when I noticed some small bags of ground Cardamom, a spice we'd never bought before. I popped one into our basket.

When we got home and opened it up, we were struck by the intense aroma of the stuff. I realized that a little of it goes a long way, which was the reason it was packaged in such small quantities. I would say that Cardamom is an acquired taste and might not be for everyone, but if you like Chai you already know you like it, because it's a big component of that.

It's a spice predominantly used in Indian cooking, but is also often used in baking in Nordic countries.

I used some to make a latte. It was delicious, and I've been making it a couple of times a week since, switching out my plain coffee with something that tastes like a treat!

homemade latte with cardamom no special tools required

AND they're easy to make and require no fancy equipment -- If you have a way to make a good cup of coffee and a jar with a tightly closing lid, you're good to go. Well, you also need a stove or a microwave oven but I'll assume you have either of those.

supplies to make cardamom latte at home

ground green cardamom cardamon from house of spice kensington market

preparing the milk for cardamom latte made at home

hot foamy milk for latte homemade cardamom flavoured shaken in a jar

adding sugar to homemade cardamom latte

easy homemade cardamom lattes

Note, this method of homemade latte making can also be used to make a plain (non-cardamom) drink too.

Cardamom Latte

5 minutes

Yield: 2 regular sized servings or 1 large sized.


  • 1 cup milk (any fat content except skim)
  • About 1 cup strong coffee
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 2 teaspoons sugar (optional)

  • Supplies : a jar with a tightly fitting lid - a canning jar is ideal because they are made to take some heat. This is used to get the lovely layer of foam.


Put your coffee on to brew. In the meantime, if using a microwave oven (which is what I do), put the milk and cardamom into the jar and LEAVING THE LID OFF, heat it in the microwave until just before boiling. That takes 2 minutes in our microwave. If using the stove-top, add the milk and cardamom to a saucepan and heat until just before boiling. Transfer to your jar.

Put the lid on the jar, and go to town shaking that thing. You might want to wrap it in a kitchen towel because it will be a bit hot. Shake it about 30 seconds. You'll notice that an inch or so of foam will form on top of the milk.

Pour the coffee and stir in the sugar, 1 teaspoon for the regular sized servings and 2 for the large size. Sugar is optional, but I find it really adds to the flavour in this particular drink.

Add the milk and foam, using a long handled spoon to get it all out of the jar.

how to make a latte at home with no special equipment

Go on, treat your sleep-over guests with a latte in the morning!

Thanks for dropping over.  I hope you have a great weekend.
xo loulou
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8 Responses to Cardamom Latte at Home – No Special Equipment Needed

  1. Julie says:

    oooh, I adore cardamom!! I’m going to try this on the weekend, it sounds SO good!! I have a frother, I’m going to try the milk and cardamom in that together,r and see how it goes.

  2. Vix says:

    I live on cardamom chai in India, they are brilliant for sore throats, too.
    This looks delicious, if Jon had milk in his coffee I’d insist we had them this weekend. xxx

  3. Julie says:

    Update: I tried it this morning and its awesome! I have a little milk frother (like a small french press) and made it that way, it turned out beautifully. And so delicious!

  4. Hollie says:

    I didn’t know what cardamon was until now. I love chai so I’ll give it a shot!

  5. hena tayeb says:

    my friends and family love cardamom in their tea.. me not so much.

  6. Susan says:

    My first attempt with cardamom happened yesterday! A new day and a new treat here. Thanks

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