Food Friday : Leek and Potato Soup

This week’s food post will feature a delicious (and quick) Leek and Potato Soup, that Nick made for dinner on Tuesday. It is vegetarian, and he served it with a grating of cheddar cheese for added protein. It was so good that it seemed to be something that was difficult to make, however it is quite simple, and really quick. I was at my computer as he finished preparing it, and was (pleasantly) surprised when I was called for dinner as quickly as I was!

And if you’re wondering about how substantial having only soup for dinner is, I felt satisfied and wasn’t craving a snack before bed. The soup had been enough!


Homemade Leek and Potato Soup

  • 3 leeks, green ends removed, sliced and rinsed very well (the grit gets between the layers in this type of onion)
  • 1/2 Spanish onion (those large white ones), chopped
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped
  • 1 medium sized carrot, chopped
  • 6 small of 2 large potatoes, cut into small pieces, skin still on
  • 6 cups vegetable stock. We used Knorr vegetable stock powder to make ours.
  • 1/2 cup white wine
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon each of butter and olive oil
  • About 1/2 teaspoon dried dill (optional but good!)

Heat a large pot and add butter and olive oil (remember this tip … hot pan, cold oil, and food won’t stick!). Saute leeks and onion until glassy but not browned. Add stock and all the other vegetables and cook until they’re tender (around 20 minutes). Puree in a food processor, blender or use an immersion blender (which we would normally do, but ours has to be replaced). If using a food processor or blender, you can spoon the veggies out with a slotted spoon and include some of the liquid but not all of it, making the job less messy! Return pureed vegetables to the pot. Add the dill, white wine and milk and heat through. Done!

Serve with some grated cheddar cheese and some freshly ground pepper. Note that there is no added salt as we found the vegetable stock we used was salty enough, however you might want to add some after you taste it. If so, add it at the end, after the dill.

Leftover soup can be refrigerated or frozen.


Hearty Leek and Potato cold weather soup

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    Instructions part 2

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        Soup, vegetable soup, potato leek

        Warm, delicious, aromatic and it sticks to your ribs, (while being relatively low fat). Perfect for a winter day/evening!

        Hope you try this soup.

        Happy Friday to you! xo loulou