Watermelon and Wine Make Happy Company


Canada doesn’t have the climate suitable for growing watermelons so they are always imported from warmer countries. That being the case I don’t even know if there is an actual watermelon season like there is for strawberries, peaches or corn here, because we can buy it any time of the year.

As for finding them whole (and not pre-cut and wrapped in plastic), people who drive to the larger shopping malls to do their shopping can find them, but I’ve never seen them for sale in our neighbourhood. I guess people around here mostly walk or bike their purchases home, and just can’t carry a huge watermelon. Nor can we eat up a whole melon that is meant to serve a lot of people. So the stores nearby seem to know this and they don’t even offer whole ones for sale.

That is until more recent years, after growers ‘invented’ a small watermelon, that is just right for a small family like ours.

I give you the tiny and perfect Mini Yum Yum. Even the name of it is cute. It’s the small things that make this girl happy.



And speaking about happiness, there is nothing quite like some occasional day-drinking outdoors on a lovely day, right? I refuse to accept that those days are numbered now that September has rolled around, and continue to think about cool juicy cocktails perfect for a sunny afternoon.


This drink idea was inspired by something my friend Julie recently featured on her Weekly Pinterest Picks Post (here), that is a Watermelon and Champagne cocktail.

ingredients-for-watermelon cocktail

The cocktail I made is equal parts muddled watermelon, soda water (low-sodium if you can find it) and pink wine. I used the appropriately named ‘Beach House’, which is a dry selection, so the drink was more refreshing than it was sweet. But if you like things a little more sugary, a sweeter wine could be used instead. I left the watermelon pulp in mine but you could strain it if you’d prefer




Cheers to food growers who continue to work hard giving us all the wonderful fruits and vegetable that we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy.

By the way, has anyone ever been to a party where there is a whole watermelon with a hole cut into it and a bottle of vodka poured in … then everyone pokes a straw in and drinks from the hole? I have some hazy but fond memories of such an outdoor party.

xo loulou