Bits and Pieces : August 2013

Hi. Here is the post where I put photographs taken during the previous month but which didn’t find a home in any other story. I try to pick interesting shots and hope you enjoy them.


↑ Snails : In the spring I was wondering how an empty shell came to be in my garden. I hadn’t realized that these creatures were lurking.


↑ Bikes and Mural : This longtime mural painted on the side of someone’s house has recently been touched up. The Bixi Bike rental stand is new, coming long after this green haired lady began riding her bike.


↑ Love in the Park : Taken in Trinity Bellwoods Park on the banks of what used to be a major river that ran through this part of the city, which was rerouted in the late 1800s, and is still running today through concrete pipes that were buried underground. The basin is now an Off-Leash dog area, which is always fun to watch. (I wrote about it here).


↑ Tequila! : This fun card and gift shop on Queen Street West called Outer Layer always has the best sayings chalked onto this board on the corner. They keep it looking good by closing the wooden doors over it when they go home at night. It’s a fun little treat they offer the neighbourhood.


↑ Yellow ‘stang : We went more than a decade without having a car and a couple of years ago got a silver Mustang sports car. So now, whenever we see one we point it out. I was quite proud of myself for noticing this bright yellow one parked off in the corner, that Nick just had to go take a look at.


↑ Lovebot Sticker : I didn’t know what this was about when I shot it but now know that an invasion of Lovebots is set to invade Toronto this year. They are concrete statues created by Artist Matthew Del Degan, that will be placed in spots where acts of kindness have been performed. Here’s the story about them.


↑ Pink Sky : A view gleaned on a lovely summer’s evening walk.


↑ Throne in a Parkette : I’m just not sure about this except that it looks like it was a very nice chair at one point. When I went by this same spot a few days later it was gone, so maybe someone is fixing it up as I type.


↑ Roller Skate Box : Before there were rollerblades there were wheels you would attach to your shoes. I’ve never tried them out myself, and so so so wish I’d looked inside this box to see if they were actually in there. Why didn’t I? That’s an opportunity lost right there.


↑ Unusual Sight : We don’t see this style of completely covered dressing on Queen Street West (near Spadina) often. As in I’ve never seen it. I questioned myself about including it here and won’t comment further except to say that it made me feel uncomfortable.


↑ Sitting and Listening : A photo op that was waiting to happen.


↑ Mushrooms in a Garden : Ok they might be a bit tacky but you can’t say that seeing these sillies in a garden wouldn’t make you smile even on the inside. Here’s to occasional questionable taste with good intentions.

Thank you very much for taking a look. It’s the first day of school for children here, so if you’re a student or a parent I hope the morning rush went well.

xo loulou