Out for Dinner at Beast

This lovely evening out at Beast Restaurant (West of Bathurst, north of King W.) was in celebration of my birthday. Lucky me!

It’s a great place, and is one of our favourites. Located in a row-house surrounded by homes, it is indeed a neighbourhood restaurant – a small hidden space that serves creative and exceptionally delicious cuisine. Their ingredients are locally sourced and their tapas-style menu changes frequently based on what’s in season. Anything we’ve ever had there has been so good that we’ve be known to occasionally finish the last of the perfectly seasoned sauces with a spoon.

Unless I delve into the thesaurus in search of ways to further describe food that tastes very very good, I don’t have much else to write, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

↑ Wine, cheese and fruit ↑

↑ Loved the spiralized apple ↑

↑ Trout, fried chicken on a biscuit, and beet salad ↑

↑ Sticky Pudding ↑

I wore the new top that I bought during this shopping trip with my sister.

Also, following up on his much appreciated idea to give me a “gift of experience”, after Nick gave me tickets to see The Book of Mormon for Christmas, I got some pretty exciting tickets for my birthday, for a good time coming up. Of course, I’ll tell you all about it once it’s happened!  UPDATE: The tickets were for The Field Trip Music Festival, posted about here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re having a good week. We certainly are having a wet one here in Toronto.
xo loulou