Caturday Goes to the Dogs : Friendly Brown Eyed Beauty


When I first spotted this dog, she was sitting quietly up on her porch beside an old chair. Nick and I were walking up a street in a neighbourhood called Little Italy, and I already had my camera out because I had just taken some of shots of the beautiful old homes in the area.

And so I came upon this scene where a perfect picture was waiting to happen … Cute Chocolate Lab sitting nicely beside vintage chair, on the porch of a charming house.

But you don’t see that shot in this post, do you? No, that’s because the moment I paused in front of her home, she came bounding down the stairs right up to the fence. Turns out that she already knew the perfect spot to go, where she could poke her head out and therefore best visit with whatever company was stopping by to pay her a visit.

My immediate thoughts at the time were : (1) Oh no, she just ruined my picture by moving before I could snap it. (2) Oh oh, she is going to start barking because I’ve gotten too close to her fence.





In the end, she didn’t make a sound and while I lament the loss of ‘the picture that got away’, I am happy to have met such a loving friendly dog. There is no doubt that this well behaved girl would have gladly galloped alongside me, if I’d been handed her leash and invited to take her for a walk.