Cool Cat

Although I am a cat-lover through and through, I admit I know very little about breeds of felines. Most cat-parents adore their mutt cats and not much is said about breeds, unlike with dogs where even mixed breeds like Cockapoos exist as a pedigree themselves. As far as cats go, of course we all know what Siamese and Pursian cats look like and I once visited at a home where there were two cats that looked like cute little leopards, but most cats are not special as far as breeds go, making them no less loved by their bi-peds!

We have no idea what kind of cat Eddie is, though I have tried to research it to see if I could figure him out. The closest I got to is thinking he might be part Ragdoll, based on his personality. They are said to very friendly and behave more like dogs than most cats, much like Ed, however they are mostly white with points of colour and our boy is about half white and half coloured. Oh yes, and they have very blue eyes, therefore declaring our green-eyed friend to not be of this breed. Regardless, of being anyone special we love him as he is (as regular readers know too well!!)

This week-end though, while visiting my parents, we saw a very special cat called a Cornish Rex. Here he is in the window of his shop. This breed of cat dates back to the 1950s, when a litter of kittens included a single newborn who had an inexplicably short and curly coat of fur. Then that kitten was bred and the characteristic repeated itself. A further breeding experiment lead to the curly coated cats being crossed with Siamese cats, which resulted in this breed which sports a very short coat of curly hair and big ears.

As I was with my family when I spotted this fellow, and we were on our way somewhere, I didn’t stop in and visit with him further. However, the sign in the window welcomed those who were interested to come in and get acquainted. Next time, for sure!

Happy Caturday my friends,
xo loulou

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