The Cat’s Thoughts on His Christmas Chores


Hi friends, Eddie the Cat here. Just like everyone else I have been mighty busy lately.

Thankfully, with all the work there was to do, I did find some time to get Nick and Lou a little gift. It was a live mouse that I found outside and brought to the front door for them, carefully carried in my mouth. I thought they might like to put it in a cage so I made sure that it was not injured in any way when I presented it. Surprisingly though, they didn’t want it … I guess they don’t have a cage yet. Anyway, surprisingly they said I could (should?) drop it, which I did. The mouse quickly ran away under some leaves and branches. I thought that maybe N&L would change their mind, so I kept watch over the spot, on and off, for two whole days. But it seems they missed their chance for a new pet because I could not find it again.

Aside from Christmas gift finding, here is what has been occupying my time.

First I had to help Lou make a blanket for a little girl who lives far away. I actually thought this was going to be for me and I was quite happy with that and kept trying to test it out while she was still making it. (She is going to tell you more about this once Christmas is over so she doesn’t ruin the surprise.)

Lou is wearing Nick’s old sweater and wasn’t so sure if she wanted me to include this photo, but she lost out on that.


Then we had to make some gift tags to put on presents.



Honestly, I didn’t know she still needed that cap for her glue-stick. Thankfully she was able to get it from wayyyy under the couch where I put it. It might have had a dust-bunny or two stuck to it but it was fine.


We also made some gift decorations with some coffee filters to go on top of the presents.


The next task at hand was getting those gifts wrapped.


Do you think this is enough paper for this one?


Yes, I guess it was.


Before mailing them off, Lou wanted to take some pictures of the presents, so I helped her set up those shots.






I am a very good photographer’s assistant.

Thank you very much for reading my post, and for welcoming me on to the blog for so many Caturday posts. You are the best and I love you.

xoxo Eddie