Getting the Goods for our Herb Garden


In yesterday’s post, discussing how going out for lunch cheered up what would otherwise have been a lacklustre errand doing afternoon, I left you just before we embarked upon the second thing we had to do that day.

We turned back into Kensington Market and went to buy some plants for our herb garden. We went to the shop at the corner of St. Andrew Street and Kensington Avenue.





↑ Hey, hi! I’m in there twice. ↑


This year we’ll be growing our usuals : Mint, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Tarragon, Parsley (we got two kinds – flat leaf and curly leaf), Basil (we got two plants because we love the stuff) and chives. Then we added a couple of variations on those that we’ve never tried before : Spicy Oregano and Orange Mint.


Oh and we bought one more as well – After years of asking for it, I was able to score a Catnip plant for ‘you know who’. I took it out of the box as soon as we got home and put it somewhere safe so it’s not in these pictures, however you can tell that Eddie knows it was there.





↑ there was a bird chirp chirp chirping in the tree behind me that caught his attention ↑

And since you’ve seen this boy today, I’ll skip the weekly pet related post tomorrow and wish you a happy Caturday as well as a happy Friday today. Hope you’re in for an excellent weekend.
xo loulou