Mr. Sociable : The Squirrel Who Knows Us


I quite like squirrels but I’ve never really gotten to know one from another by sight. They were all just part of the group out in the garden.

That’s until this brown coloured one was born in a nest in a neighbour’s tree this past spring. I specify ‘brown coloured’ because he is technically of the gray squirrel species, which not-true-to-their-name are often very dark, almost black. So this one stands out around here with his light brown coat. We originally thought he was a ‘she’ when he was a baby, but let’s just say that he has now grown into his manhood.

Not only was he different than the rest in colour, but right from the beginning he was quite curious and friendly towards us. Not friendly in an alarming ‘there is something wrong with that squirrel’ way, but more in a ‘comfortable and not afraid to be around us’ way.

During the summer when we spent time on the deck he was often around, just sitting on the fence, or popping his head up over the leaves of the vine, as if to say hello.

Eddie the cat knows him too … one afternoon while I was out there, the squirrel came right down and sat beside Eddie, who had absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. So there I sat with my pet cat and my sort-of pet squirrel.









Thank you for taking a look. I hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday is a fine one.
xo loulou