When Running Errands Became a Fun Date


Last Wednesday evening we noticed something strange going on with our computer router (the little box that allows for wireless connections throughout our home) in that it had suddenly developed a mind of its own. It was time for a new part and Nick said he’d head to the part of town that is Toronto’s destination for all things computer related : College Street just west of Spadina.

The next morning he bypassed the problem piece and plugged my system in with a wire so I could still work and began getting ready to run the errand. We’ve been to those computer stores many times in the past and while they are great for what they are, that is one shopping trip that isn’t really all that interesting. Even so, I had the urge to go along for the walk and asked him if he’d like to go out for lunch on the way. He thought it was a good idea.

Now that might not sound all that special but for us it’s a pretty big deal because going out for lunch together is not something we do very often. In fact, thanks to the record keeping function provided by having a blog, I can tell you that we’ve done it three times in the last year.

He suggested we go to a spot called Amadeu’s in Kensington Market, that is on the way up to College Street.

I can’t really put my finger on the single detail of this old Portuguese restaurant that makes me feel like I’m suddenly away and on holiday somewhere, but every time I’ve been I’ve noticed that sensation. It doesn’t transport me to Portugal, as I’ve never been there so can’t say (although it’s high on my wish-list of places to go), but sitting down at one of their outdoor tables immediately makes me feel like I’m somewhere else, at a beach town in the sun far away.





I’ve only been to Amadeu’s a couple of times before, and must admit that both those times I selected the fish sandwich, and this time was no different. Nick feels the same way about that delicious plate of food and chose it too. To drink we kept with the holiday feeling and went with a Stella Artois beer. I laughed when our choice of beverage influenced a man sitting down at a nearby table – I overheard him say that seeing our nice cold glasses made him feel like Pavlov’s dog, so he ordered one himself.




Service was quick and the little oasis in our day was over within an hour, but taking the time to do it was really fun.

We left the restaurant and continued walking north, through the market to College Street.



↑ these guys, called The Yonge Kings, sounded good ↑




Our required purchase was quickly made at Canada Computers at 284 College Street. That’s the store we always check first …





We decided to take a different route back, walking south on Spadina Avenue …




↑ that yellow building is a place called Grossman’s Tavern. It was originally built in 1880 and is one of three buildings still standing on Spadina that indicate that this avenue was once a residential street. If you’re interested, a historian who has a blog I like called’ Taylor on History’ has written a story about it here. ↑


↑ hitting the northern part of Chinatown ↑


↑ one of my favourite old houses ↑

We actually had a second errand to accomplish on our journey but I’ll leave you here and finish the story tomorrow.

Thanks for checking it out and cheers to finding a bit of holiday spirit in the middle of an otherwise regular day.
xo loulou