Meeting An Online Friend in Real Life


A week ago Thursday we had the pleasure of finally meeting someone we’ve known in our virtual lives for years. Anna was a friend from our time spent on Second Life, where we used to perform a weekly musical show. It was a fantastic platform for making online friends, a few of whom we still keep in touch with two years after we last logged-in there. (I actually began my blogging days by keeping a site about all the shows we did in Second Life.)

It was very exciting going out and crossing the border from virtual to real friendship. Anna and her husband were visiting Toronto from the southern United States and, just like going on a blind date, we had to describe what we’d be wearing so we’d know one another.

We met at a place called The Rex and moments after greeting were all comfortably talking as though we’d known each other for years (which we kind of did).





We had dinner and listened to an excellent performer named Kevin Quain at The Rex before heading out to show them some of the city.


They wanted to see Kensington Market and we were happy to take them there.

Here are some shots taken on the walk over …





We passed through Chinatown on the way …



And into the market …





We ended our evening together by having some beer on a great outdoor patio in the market, called Templeton’s, (at 319 Augusta Avenue).

beer-in-kensington-market templetons

drinks-in-kensington-market - templetons 319 augusta avenue

Like me, Anna also crochets so we had plenty to talk about on that subject, and in fact she went to the yarn shop called Romni that I wrote about here before leaving the city.

But this was not all, as far as seeing these two during their visit to Toronto though, as our (real life) pal Issy, had also joined us on-line in Second Life way back when, and also knew Anna from there, so on Friday we all went over to her place for a barbecue, which I’ll show and tell you about in tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for dropping over. I hope you’re having a great Monday so far.
xo loulou