Merry Gothmas (Part II)

The first Christmas related thing I did this year was make a red and black wreath for our door (see wreath), calling the post describing it ‘Merry Gothmas’. Since then I have encountered more Gothy Christmas things; it was a case of ‘Now that it was in my mind, I began to notice it everywhere!’

I know Goth Christmas is nothing new. On looking it up I came upon many black Christmas trees for sale, one style of which was an upside-down tree. There are also plenty of black decorations available, as well as sculls and crossbones for your tree. And of course there’s the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”, which I have not seen yet but have heard is great so I am missing out.

This first series of shots of the metal skull wreath were taken behind a building dating back to the 1900s, located at Bathurst and King Streets. I’m not certain if this was put up to commemorate the season but I was there in the fall and it was not in the window at that time.

The next shots are of the front of a house in my neighbourhood. And before you begin thinking that these pictures are old and should have been included with a Halloween post, let me say that they were taken yesterday and this house always looks like this! I had the opportunity to see the residents one evening this past summer, as I (nerdily) strode by in my exercise-walking gait, wearing track pants and runners, when I saw two of the most exquisite looking goth-girls sitting out on the porch.

Continuing on the topic of this home, on Tuesday I was walking along the street ahead of a couple and their little boy. The man noticed the place and commented “Hey look, they still have their Halloween decorations up”. Then he paused about 15 seconds before saying “Someone should go check on them!”. They all laughed and so did I (to myself).

And here’s a shot I took while leaving our place last week, when I noticed that I matched our goth wreath!

Thanks for taking a look!
xo loulou