Winter Walk About


Here are some pictures I took on a recent walk. I decided to head to a ‘lesser explored by me’ area, which is located along the train tracks going west out of the city (specifically south of King, west of Bathurst).

It was interesting to walk around there because, although very close to the city core, it had the feel of an abandoned industrial park. It was very guiet and there were hardly any people about on this bright Sunday afternoon. That was understandable as it was very cold out so most were probably warm and cozy inside someplace.






The one spot I passed where there were some people is this fenced in area within a larger park, where dogs are allowed to run and play unleashed.


This neat looking building has a modern look but is older. I can’t find much information on it at all except that it seems to be owned by our largest telephone company, Bell Canada. I’m not sure how old it is but I’d say probably from the 80s.


These houses would be about 100 years old.


How I love to just grab my camera and head out to find little pockets waiting to be discovered. I returned home quite exhilarated, as though I had teleported to a different place altogether for a wee poke around.

Well, except for the CN Tower … it is near impossible to not have that tall structure in pictures of Toronto that include any bit of a skyline.


Hope your Monday is a good one.
xo loulou