Themed Thursday : Mouse in the House

Here are some shots of the mice in my life.

(1) The whole family
(2) The first of this collection. I painted and fired this ceramic mouse when I worked my summer job during university. It was the best summer job I could ever have imagined for myself and the lovely lady-in-charge hired me for every summer that I was in school, making my education possible. Without this job I couldn’t have gone and my life would have taken a completely different tack. What was the job? I used to run the arts and crafts department at a ‘Home for the Aged’ (aka a seniors’ residence). I. Loved. It!
(3) My sister is a real enabler when it comes to my little collections! She gave me this handmade mouse, and his little clothes actually come off.
(4) This wind-up mouse was a gift from a friend. He jumps right over and lands on his feet again!
(5) This tiny pewter mouse has significant personal meaning. It had belonged to my now-deceased aunt, my mother’s younger sister, who’s life was sadly cut short by cancer.
(6) I have a (much too) large collection of old kinder surprise toys, which are all tossed into a box these days. This little guy is one of those. I believe he is a sculptor and originally came with another part, the piece of art he was working on.
(7) My sister saved this cute little driftwood note-holder from being donated to a thrift store by my mother. Thank goodness she did!

I thought I’d show you these extra pictures from this photo shoot … Someone was very curious about what was going on and decided to get in on the action!

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xo loulou