Much Love Monday : Hearts on a Porch

During the week I came upon a cute blog called Much Love, kept by Anna. On Mondays, she posts a picture of a heart, and a statement about something she loves. To quote her, “Much Love Monday is a weekly blog post series, intended to start off each week with some positivity instead of the typical Monday blues!” Can’t really go wrong with that attitude, right?

She invites others to link up, so I decided to join …

Here are some photos I took last week of a porch in my neighbourhood. This little house exists in the city amidst all the condo towers and house demolitions/reconstructions going on all around it.

The thing I am loving today (aside from the adorable hearts on this porch) is the memory of a chat I had this morning, with an aged woman out for a walk. She asked me if I remembered her, and in deed I did. She and her husband had stopped in front of my home last spring, and admired our maple tree, the keys of which had sprouted into tiny seedlings all around the base of the tree. They asked if they could have one and I was happy to oblige, though skeptical that it would grow. But the message she had for me today was that they had planted it up north at their cottage and it had taken very well and was now 3 feet tall!

Happy Monday
xo loulou

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]