My Doll Francie

Some years ago, my friend Colleen gave me this cute little case, that contained a vintage Barbie doll and some clothes for her. She’s actually not Barbie herself, but Barbie’s modern cousin Francie.

Also contained in the case was a fact sheet, stating that Francie was introduced in 1966 and her original outfit was a polka-dotted top and gingham bikini bottoms. Apparently she was also the first Barbie doll with bendable knees and ‘real’ eyelashes. Further research indicates that she is a teenager and therefore has a thinner frame.

All of the clothes that came with her appear to have been handmade except the yellow off-shoulder dress, which has a Barbie tag inside and a little metal zipper at the back.

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou

FOLLOW UP :  See Francie wearing a crocheted cardigan sweater I made her, in this post.  She’s with vintage Skipper and Allan dolls!  And, here she is dressed up for Christmas.