Dinner at the Home of Friends


On Saturday night, we were treated to a very nice dinner at the home of our friends Chops and Leslie. These two have been pals of ours for a long time, so time spent with them is familiar and comfortable.

And speaking of comfort, they just happen to have what might be the most comfortable sofa ever! Their whole home is lovely and a visit with them leaves me with an urge to paint our walls.





We’re not alone in thinking their place looks great – here’s a cute story about that : This summer there were some construction men working on the outside of their building. One afternoon when Chops was quietly working at his desk, he heard one say to the other, ‘Check out this place. It’s the nicest one in the whole building’. To which Chops replied, ‘Thank you’, completely surprising the guy.

It reminds me of a time that we were having our windows replaced and one of the workers said to Nick, ‘Your wife sure does have a lot of purses.’!

Anyway, back to Saturday …

We were told what was for dinner before we got to Chops and Leslie’s place, and we were sure to save our appetite! The menu consisted of Caesar salad and homemade Lasagna. What a treat.




Dessert was a chocolate cake with caramel in between the layers, served with some ice cream.


As you can imagine, that comfy sofa beckoned to us following the meal, and it got its way.

We’re all avid music fans (music was the reason we all got together in the first place, as Chops was the drummer in the band we were in), so we like to watch music videos when we get together. We go around taking turns requesting a song or a band, and then search for a video of the song to watch. We’ve listened to and been introduced to all kinds of great music this way.

On this particular Saturday, the highlights included this one of a cop doing a bang-on rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’, this video of Elton John playing ‘Bennie and the Jets’ on Soul Train back in 1975, and this hilarious one with Justin Timberlake singing something Nick and I had not heard before. Note that that one is a bit dirty, so be warned about pushing play if you’re at work or there are kids in the room!


Later, Chops and Nick headed out to a club to check out a friend of Chops’ who was singing in a band, and I took the streetcar home.

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou