Friday Night Out : Comedy, Cocktails and a Scissored Snack


It had been a while since I’d been out to a comedy show, so when Meghan put word out that she was ordering tickets for The Second City, I wanted in. She, two more of her friends and I went on Friday evening.

The show we saw was called ‘The Meme-ing of Life’, a production first put on in 2013. It had had such a positive response that they brought it back for a 3-night limited engagement, so we caught the last staging of this particular show.

When I was a teenager, growing up in the west end, The Second City was something my friends and I would come downtown to see on a fairly regular basis. Now that I’ve been reminded of how much fun it is and I’m not sure why I stopped going sometime along the way. Set up as a series of skits performed by the original creators, simply saying that this show was funny would be an extreme understatement. Let’s just say I had a smile on my face for the full hour and a half that it ran.

No photos were allowed in the theatre, located at 51 Mercer Street which is just east of Spadina and one block south of King St W., but I got these of the lobby.



After saying goodbye to Meghan’s friends, she and I walked westward along King St. We weren’t ready to go home yet, so stopped at a spot I really like, a place she’d not yet been, called Buca. (I wrote about it here.)

The place was buzzing with people having a good time.



We each ordered a cocktail and then took a look at their tantalizing menu, wanting a snack of some sort. That’s where the ‘scissored’ part of the title comes into the story. We decided on one of their pizzas, the Funghi, which was topped with sauteed seasonal mushrooms, mascarpone, gorgonzola and marjoram. It was served by way of cutting pieces off with a pair of scissors. And oh my goodness, it was dreamy delicious.



To follow I had a cappuccino and Meghan had an espresso. Then we called it a night.


Thanks for checking out my post. We’re having a massive snowfall here today … I might just venture out into the thick of it because snowstorms are my favourite part of winter.
xo loulou