Gorgeously Guilded : Art by Dalia Elcharbini at C9 Gallery

arriving at gallery

The Opening Reception for "Disturb and Elevate", the debut solo exhibition by artist Dalia Elcharbini, took place at Toronto's cool C9 Gallery on Thursday evening and I had the pleasure of being there. My friend and fellow art enthusiast Julie came along.

dalia elcharbini debut solo art exhibition at c9 gallery toronto disturb and elevate

"Dalia Elcharbini is a contemporary Palestinian-Canadian artist who has been exhibiting in Canada and the US for the past six years. She describes her style as Surrealist Realism; an attempt to capture life-like subjects but not necessarily human. Despite her medium of choice, her body of work is recognized for one fixed element which is her consistent use of gold leaf throughout all her work." [from the artist's website, here.]

artist Dalia Elcharbini at the opening of her solo show C9 GalleryToronto Yorkville art

↑ Dalia Elcharbini ↑

I think you'll agree that Dalia's creations are unique and quite stunning. Around the room, viewers could be seen getting quite close to the multi-dimensional pieces, examining them from all angles. Each one had some gold-gilding, some placed flat to the surface and some adding depth by having been applied to raised dots and details.

The gold complemented graphite pencil drawings, that were so incredibly photo-realistic that I had to go back and reread the descriptive write-up in order to truly believe that the drawings were done completely by hand.

While there was much beauty to the subject matter, all was not light and pretty, as there is a definite sharp-edge to the message the artist is delivering with the pieces that make up "Disturb and Elevate". There were scars, stray hairs, veins, bared teeth and writhing figures to be found amoungst the calmness. To use Dalia's words, "this show is disturbingly powerful yet thrillingly elevating."

gilded gold and graphite pencil artwork by dalia elcharbini on show at c9 gallery toronto
looking closely 1
at c9 gallery toronto looking at dalia elcharbini art
dalia elcharbini solo exhibition at c9 independent art gallery toronto
at gallery
at c9 gallery in yorkville toronto for opening of dalia elcharbini solo exhibition
artwork by dalia elcharbini on display at c9 gallery toronto yorkville art
dates and turkish coffee
with the artist
Dalia Elcharbini art show Disturb and Elevate at C9 Gallery in Toronto
art show
with f at gallery

↑ Here I am with the gallery's kind, stylish and knowledgeable curator, Fifi ↑


↑ Julie ↑

me at gallery
art by Dalia Elcharbini part of solo show at C9 gallery in toronto yorkville

The C9 Gallery is a modern new space tucked within a row of restored historic houses (written about in this post). I've now seen several exhibitions there since it opened last spring, and have come to trust that the art they choose will be original, thought provoking and lovely to look at. Art collectors will be pleased to know that much of what they show is available to purchase.

Dalia Elcharbini's "Disturb and Elevate" will hang at C9, located at 7 Sultan Street in Yorkville, south of Bloor , in Toronto's Culture Corridor, until May 18, 2019.

selfie taken by j

↑ A fun snap taken by Julie -- we do have a good time together! ↑

Thank you for reading. I hope you see the show. xo loulou

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    This was such a fun night, thank you so much for inviting me! It was a blast, as always. <3

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