A Look at The Walton in Little Italy

Are you ready to see the "World's Most Adorable Patio"? That's a bold statement, no doubt, but having visited The Walton recently with my friend Julie, I'd say they have grounds to make the claim.

This beautifully decorated place is located in the middle of Little Italy, at 607 College Street. (I looked at the map to see what were the exact boundaries of this Toronto neighbourhood, and I'm not kidding ... The Walton is situated smack-dab in the centre!)

It's a cafe during the day, serving pastries and light lunches prepared by catering company, The Tempered Room. Then, in the evening it becomes a cocktail bar.

First, let's have a peep inside, before heading out back ...

... and now, out to the patio ...

Julie and I both had a latte and a vegetarian pot pie, served with a salad. We got the last two pies, one filled with tomatoes and goat cheese and the other with chickpeas and sweet potato -- we cut them in half and shared each.

Everything was delicious, and the staff were very friendly, in deed. I look forward to going in the evening for a cocktail.

↑ On our way out, I couldn't help but ask if I could take a shot of this charmingly set table. It was occupied by an attractive duo, who further upped the adorable factor of the patio. They were a sweet young boy of about seven, wearing a tidy plaid button down short-sleeved shirt and dress pants, with his glamorously attired mother (or aunt or friend). When I commented on how good they and their table looked, the little boy piped up, saying, "We come here every week because it's so nice." Too cute! ↑

All in all, it was a lovely time spent with a lovely person.

Thanks for dropping over.
xo loulou

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  1. That was such a fun afternoon! I loved it, and seeing you, my friend.

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