EBay Calling : A Peacock and some Dishes

Greetings! Hope Wednesday has been good so far. All is swell here.

I thought I’d show you a few purchases I recently received from EBay. I’ll start with the pretty item first, this peacock necklace. I so love the colours and the dangly bits and the crystal eye! I realize you can’t tell the scale in these pictures .. the pendant is 3 1/2 inches tall and the chain is a long one. It has inspired the outfit I plan to wear out to see a concert tonight, so I’ll hopefully have some pictures to show you of the necklace in action!

Next up are a couple of pyrex bowls made by Corelle (Did you know that Pyrex is both the name of the type of glass and the name of the company who invented it, who later became Corelle?)

We eat quite a few soups and pastas as a main meal, and only had a couple of bowls that were large enough to use for serving them, so I’ve been after some larger ones for a while. You know what? These are vegetable serving bowls, and the vendor had two vintage but not previously used ones. I put the pepper in there to give you an idea of the size.

Third is a set of things, also made of Pyrex. Two of the pieces (the jug and the butter dish) were made when the company was called Pyrex and are marked on the bottom. The rest were after the company was called Corelle. If you’ve seen some of my “EBay Calling” posts before you will see that I’ve been collecting this pattern since I got my first pieces last summer. This week I added this platter, jug, small bowl and butter dish to the 4 dinner plates and 4 salad plates that I already have. Back when I got the plates I discussed the pattern, which was manufactured between 1972 and 1986 so at minimum, they are 26 years old! I’ve seen it called ‘Spring Blossom’ which I think is the official name, but I prefer to believe those who call this pattern Crazy Daisy!

I got all 4 of the pieces (well, technically it’s 5 because the butter dish is two parts) for a total of $10 plus shipping. It’s deals like that that make me turn to EBay for such things … sure I could try to find them in thrift stores, but the time it would take to find the pieces, each in excellent condition, would mean that we’d be using these dishes when we were old and gray. We do plan to still be using them then, but wanted to get a head-start!

Thanks for taking a look!
xo loulou