Two Friends Read Their Poetry in Kensington Market

I had the pleasure of hearing my two poet friends read their own creations on Thursday evening, when Julie and Nyla took the floor of Knife/Fork/Book at Rick's Cafe in Kensington Market. [Follow-up : Rick's Cafe has closed permanently.]

Sure, you can read and enjoy a poem on your own, but nothing beats hearing the words spoken, phrased precisely as they were imagined, by the writer themselves. So, no degree of dismal weather was going to keep me away from this event, although the persistent drizzle and sleet that fell from the moment I left my door to the moment I got home, tried its best to deter me. I'm really glad that I braved the elements because the presentation was wonderful, and not only because I'm particularly partial to these two specific poets (although I am!). These two are included amoungst Canada's top poetic voices.

The venue was a unique one, in that Toronto's only bookshop that is dedicated solely to poetry is located right within a cafe -- Knife/Fork/Book, curated and run by a very friendly man named Kirby, occupies the front section of the cozy and charmingly decorated Rick's Cafe.

↑ Kirby and Julie ↑

While I've become a tea drinker at home over the past year or so, trying to remember to brew myself a daily pot for the health benefits, I can't recall ever having ordered tea in a restaurant or cafe before. Coffee is my favourite drink and I never miss a chance to have a well prepared cup when it's an option, but this evening seemed to call for tea instead. And now, after having tasted the cup of Cream of Earl Grey, "full leaf Orange Pekoe from Dimbula, Sri Lanka has been blended with vanilla and oil of bergamot", that I had at Rick's, supplied by the Toronto company Genuine Tea, my opinion on ordering tea when out may have changed. I had it with a drop of milk and a sprinkling of sugar and it was delicious.

The reading took place in the cafe's seating area towards the back, by the light of a cool vintage lamp.

↑ Julie ↑

↑ Nyla ↑

Knife/Fork/Book hosts poetry readings on a regular basis, with something going on several times a week. Check their schedule here, and catch a verse or two yourself sometime, or simply drop by this welcoming environment to select a book. While you're there, say hello to Kirby. You might not be able to avoid doing so actually, as this joyful and friendly person will probably say hello to you first.

Thanks for visiting,
xo loulou

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4 Responses to Two Friends Read Their Poetry in Kensington Market

  1. Vix says:

    I’m a fan of performance poetry, I often seek it out at festivals.
    This looks like a lovely venue, the menu looks just about right and your choice of tea sounds delicious! x

  2. Norma says:

    Lovely to have a bookshop devoted to poetry and have performances too. Toronto life sounds good. x

  3. Julie says:

    thank YOU for being there, especially with such terrible weather! So glad you got to meet Kirby, who is truly a kind soul. It was a fun night!

  4. loulou i love your hair – natural beach waves— so pretty! xO!

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