The Six Shooter Records Showcase Canadian Music Week 2017

Nick and I and our friend Andrea, got to hear a lot of great live music recently at The Phoenix. It was a Canadian Music Week event, featuring admirable artists signed to the independent label, Six Shooter Records.

Not being anything near a pro music reviewer, I find it difficult to accurately describe music in writing, so, aside from saying that we had a lot of fun at this show and really liked everything we heard, I’ll let these photos stand-in for written detail.

Things got started with the five-piece alternative country band from Toronto, NQ Arbuckle

Then, singer/songwriter from Canada’a east coast, Amelia Curran, took the stage …

↑ There was an intermission at this point so I tried to get some shots of us, but the lighting wasn’t good for picture taking, but I’ll include this one of these two cuties anyway. ↑

Then, we were treated to a mesmerizing ad-libbed set by experimental vocalist and artist Tanya Tagaq, accompanied by a group of three musicians, including one who played a theremin

Headlining the show were Hamilton-based band Whitehorse, fronted by married couple, Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland.

While we hung out towards the back of the audience for most of the night, just after their first song I spotted a clear path through the crowd, so I took it and ended up right near the stage.

It was the best position for picture taking that I’ve ever been in at a concert and I got so many good shots of Whitehorse in action that it was a challenge choosing which ones to post here!

↑ They had a couple of vintage telephone handsets attached to their mic stands, which gave a neat sounding echo-y sound when they sang through them, as heard in their new single Boys Like You. (Careful, it’s an earworm!) ↑

↑ I was close enough to see their excellent shoes! ↑

All in all, it was an wonderful night of live music in Toronto.

Thanks for checking out my post,
xo loulou