Eddie and His Water Bowl


There are few things in Eddie’s life that elicit more chatter than water. Whenever the bathtub is being filled, you can find him in the bathroom, with lots to say about the water. He won’t get in like some cats will, but he sure likes to look at it and discuss it at length.

He also takes much interest in his water bowls. Yes, plural. He has several around the house, because he really loves to have his very own ‘secret’ watering holes, that nobody else knows about or drinks out of. He hasn’t quite grasped the concept that in order for such bowls to be kept brimming with a fresh supply, someone else does indeed know about his secret spot.

That said, his main water bowl, located right beside his feeding spot, gets its regular share of action. He likes the vintage Pyrex for sure.





Really, it is hard to take someone seriously when they have something on their face right? Dude, get a napkin.




I hope you’re having a great weekend,
loulou and Eddie too