Eddie has a new toy!

Our Edward was quite sick exactly 26 months and 16 days ago … yes I remember the precise date because I was certain we were on the brink of losing our dear friend. Thank goodness he got better and is now doing fine. Anyway, at the time I did lots of reading up on cat health. One thing that kept coming up was the importance of daily play for a feline’s health. And ever since I have made sure we have some fun every day. Most of this entails dangling string or ribbon, colourful candy wrappers left on the floor discussed here, a toy I made him DIY here, and his mouse on a spring … see some fun pictures of him in action. Oh and catnip too. That is always a lot of fun.

But until now, he hasn’t had anything like this little hedgehog! If you pull his string he vibrates and moves about. So cute and Ed seems to love him.

Happy Caturday, and if you don’t celebrate (haha) Happy Saturday!