Eddie’s Christmas Portrait


Before you start thinking that I am an obsessive cat-person, let me say that this photo shoot was unplanned and impromptu, with the whole thing taking no more than five minutes from inception to completion. Ed was already laying on the bed, and the white sheet was right there in the clean laundry basket, so I just draped it up over the bed posts.

Then I went to my sewing basket and untangled this piece of elastic sequins trim, from a ball of loose threads and lengths of wool (Does that happen in your sewing basket too? If not, what is your secret to keeping things tidy in there?). The short piece of ribbon was grabbed from my mess of a temporary gift-wrapping station, and the vintage bauble was gleaned from a box of ornaments. I just tied them together and slipped them loosely over Cat’s head.

Suddenly it was as if he knew exactly what was expected of him. He gave me several poses to chose from, moving from one to the next as though he were an experienced super model. Then, once I had enough and said ‘Good Eddie’, he laid down for a long winter’s nap with the decoration still around his neck (which I took off right away, for his comfort and safely, although if I hadn’t he would have had it off in a flash himself. I know this from experience, hence his collar-free existence.)









If you’re interested in seeing what I have done with these pictures, I will be posting about that tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting us and Happy Caturday.
xo Eddie and Loulou