Drugstore Beauty Department Finds


I’ve mentioned before that a popular drugstore in Canada called Shopper’s, has a very generous points program. We go there regularly for many of our everyday needs and so those points add up quickly.

And since using the points is really getting something for free, I like to save them to get more frivolous-than-necessary things in their well-stocked Beauty Department, that I might not otherwise buy. Also, they periodically have special weekends where if you spend your points only on beauty products, they give you more value for them. So, all-in-all, this store gives a girl plenty of motivation to have a little fun and try out some new products.

Here is what I got in my most recent ‘free’ shopping spree:

Let’s start with Lips :


After trying out Revlon’s Chubby Crayon Lip Colours in the first two formulas they released, one a sheer lip stain, and the second a shiny gloss called a Lacquer Balm, and liking them, I thought I’d also try their third type of Colorburst Lip Crayon, a Matte Balm. Specifically, I got a light pink shade called Elusive #205.

I also picked up a second shade of the Colorburst Lacquer Balm, in Flirtatious #125.

I like them both.


I was also interesting in trying out some red lipstick. Until now I’ve only ever used sheer barely-there lip products in the colour red, and wanted to check out an actual lipstick, so I picked up Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish one in the colour 01.

I have to say that it’s a bit shocking to see yourself in red lipstick if you’re not used to it. I also have to say that I love it! Admittedly I’ve been toning it down a bit by applying it rather lightly over Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, but I can see myself going for it full strength, once winter rolls around.

How about you? Do you wear opaque red lipstick?

Now onto Eyes :



After seeing myself in photos wearing some blue eye shadow that looked a bit too shimmery to me, I wanted to try some matte blue. I liked the colours in this palette by Covergirl, the Eye Enhancers in Crystal Waters #270. I’ve been wearing the the darker blue colours as eye-liner, applied with a wet brush. I’ve also been surprised by how wearable the pale green colour is. I’ve been having fun playing around with this and am happy I got it.


Next eye product is something I heard very good things about from one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Essie Button. She has raved about these Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Erasers, and since under-eye concealer is a product a rarely leave home without applying, I thought I’d give this one a go. It is a good product that I’m certain I’ll purchase again. I got the shade Fair.

Moving onto Nail Polish :


First on this topic I want to say that I have never really bothered with a base coat or a top coat before. I just wasn’t convinced that they would add enough benefit to merit taking the task of painting nails from one of applying 2 coats, to one of applying 4. But, of course, as most nail-polish wearers out there probably already know, the extra steps really go a long way to making your manicure last.

So with that lead in, I’ll begin with the Rimmel Base and Top Coat … using this product gave me 6 days of un-chipped nail polish.


As for the nail polishes I picked up a bottle of Revlon Colorstay in Blue Slate #280. This interesting blue-grey colour has set a new record for me, in that in the almost 15 years Nick and I have been married, he has never once commented on the colour of my nails. I knew that this shade got his attention when he told me he liked it when I wore it out for dinner (seen here).


I also picked up a couple of Sally Hansen – Hard as Nails polishes too, one in Tough Chick #240 that is pink and the other in Frozen Solid #680 that is a pearly light blue. I’m wearing the pink one right now and really like the colour. I haven’t tried the blue one yet but expect it will be very nice too.

The next items are for my Hair :

If I’d not been using points and therefore getting these two hair styling things for free, I don’t think I would have tried them. That’s because I’ve tried enough styling clips, combs, etc in my heavy hair to believe that nothing aside from lots and lots of long bobby pins will keep it up. However, both of these items, by Stylize, have proven me wrong, and they each work very well at keeping things in place.


The fork thing, called the ‘Ultimate Updo Clip’ is made of a hard nylon material so it has a bit of flexibility. This is worth noting because I once bought something that looked very similar and it snapped the very first time I tried it in my hair. Straight into the trash went that thing. But this one really works well, and I’ve been using it a lot to keep my hair up off my neck on steamy summer days.


The second item is a set of 3 hairpins that they call ‘Hair Twirls’ but that I’ve seen being called ‘Spin Pins’. I haven’t yet mastered a nice up-do with these yet, but can say that they are remarkable at keeping your hair in place, with one of them replacing what would otherwise be the use of about 5 or 6 regular bobby pins for me.


After being told by a hair stylist that my hair, with its tendency towards frizziness, would benefit from the use of hair oil, I’ve been trying different ones out. So I got this ‘Renewing Argon Oil of Morocco, Penetrating Oil’ which smells very nice and does the trick in keeping the frizz at bay.


And since I needed some shampoo and conditioner, I picked up a set of new products by L’Oreal called Nutri-Shimmer, that are said to nourish and illuminate. These are nice to use and smell good, but I can’t really tell if my hair is any more illuminated after using them.

And that wraps up this Drugstore Beauty Department Haul!

Thank you for taking a look,
xo loulou