Just call me Sparky

Greetings on this Friday morning! I’m writing on my iPad today, here to tell you that I am living proof that something we’ve been warned about can and will actually happen sometimes. I’ve been forced to take a short break from blogging by a natural phenomenon.

On Tuesday evening I went to turn on my desktop computer. I felt a spark of static leave my finger as I pushed the On button. The computer sprang to life for about 2 seconds and then turned right off.

Repeated efforts to get it to turn on again, by using the flip switch on the back, or unplugging and replugging it in, resulted in the same ‘on for two seconds, with the cabinet lights turning on and the fan engaging’ and then off again.

Diagnostics have indicated that the motherboard was fried, by the surge of static electricity. As you probably know the motherboard is like the heart of your computer and without it none of the components, software or drivers will work.

This means all my photographs are stuck inside that metal box or on one of my two cameras. They’re safe and sound, but I’m unable to access them. And since my blog is quite dependent on the pictures, I am out of commission until we can replace the zapped piece of hardware.

And darn if I didn’t have a DIY Valentine Decoration to show you, a salad recipe to consider for a Valentine Dinner at Home, and a look at some unique and interesting Valentines from my Vintage Paper Collection.

Of course, worse things can happen and I am completely aware of that. Wishing you a good Valentine’s Day and hoping things are going well in your world.

xo loulou