Brooches on Branches : Reusing a previous DIY project

I was delighted to see that a few of my projects have been pinned. One item that was of particular Pinterest to people, was my branch display for Christmas ornaments. Today I am showing you a new use for this display, which I kept up after taking down the Christmas decorations because I liked the way the branches brought a touch of nature to the indoors during the winter. This new way of using the display, to hang jewellery, is not my idea however .. one of the people who pinned it, Krystle Marie, called it a jewellery display. So I decided to run with her idea and hang my collection of flower brooches on it! Now, not only does it bring nature indoors, the flowers hint at spring, which is not too far off. Thank you to everyone who has pinned one of my recipes or DIYs , and to Krystle for this idea!

You can see how I made this display at this post. It’s a little more involved than just sticking branches in a vase, because I really wanted them in there securely so they didn’t fall over and risk breaking my delicate Christmas ornaments, or chipping the paint on my brooches, in this new use.

By the way, if you’re a blogger, I’ve just discovered that the way to see if any of your ideas have been pinned to Pinterest is via

Happy Thursday to you. Your visit is appreciated!
xo loulou