Card Making : A Thank You Card with Cut Out Letters


This fun card was made by cutting out letters to say ‘Thank You’ on the front and letting the background show through. I happened to have some die-cut flowers that I glued on to make the ‘o’ in ‘you’ but you can cut that letter out too if you don’t.



– A blank note card with a pattern on the front and an envelope. (I got a box of blank ones in the card area of a Chapters Indigo Bookstore, with an assortment of patterns, which come in very handy for quick card making. Michael’s carries similar card bases, too.)
– A piece of coloured thicker paper (aka card-stock).
– Print out of the words in block letters, to use as a guide-line.
– Binder clips.
– A sharp crafting knife and you might also need a pair of small scissors.
– Two sided tape or glue.

– Optional : Crafting scissors that make an interesting edge (these are easy to find at craft stores)
– Optional : Die-cut flowers or a flower sticker.

How to make it:

Clip the print out firmly to the front of the note card. Making sure the card is open and working on a cutting mat of some sort, cut through the print out and the front of the card with the knife. Don’t cut the ‘o’ in ‘you’ if you’ll be using the die-cut flowers or sticker. If necessary, you can snip bits with the scissors.

Trim the coloured card-stock with fancy-edged scissors, if using. If not, just cut to size with regular scissors. Use two-sided tape or glue to attach that to the inside cover of the card, (right behind the letters).

If using, attach die-cut flowers or sticker where the ‘o’ in ‘you’ would go.






This card has a little optical illusion effect going on; depending on the angle that you look from, the letters look like they are puffed up rather than cut out.

I sent this to my mom and she loved it. I’ve now set myself up with high expectations on the card-making front with her, because she told me that she really looks forward to and saves every handmade card I send her and my dad.

Thank you for taking a look.
xo loulou