A Street Festival in Chinatown


We checked out the Toronto Chinatown Festival on Sunday afternoon, and in spite of feeling badly to be Debbie Downer, I have to admit that it was a disappointment, being mostly just a bunch of representatives from the corporate sponsors (car companies, banks, the hydro company) standing under awnings, without much excitement or flair.

I got some decent shots that sort of make it look like it was a good time though, and I could have just kept my mouth shut, but I need to be honest, especially when it might help someone else deciding how to spend their precious summer weekend hours when it rolls around again next year.









I guess, having seen photos on blogs of people going to street fests in other cities around the world, I expected more : more art, decoration, lights, colours, vendors and delicious food smells. Oh yes, and most importantly, more people having some fun! Others must have felt the same way we did because there sure were a lot of frowning faces in that crowd.

I was surprised to see just now when I checked their site, that this was the 14th annual such festival, so the boringness of it can’t be chalked up to inexperience!




The worse part is that there was a choice of several street festivals going on in the city at the same time, and we picked the wrong one to go to. Insert my own frowny face here.

Oh well, live and learn, as they say.

On the bright side, since this is the part of town we often go to for fruits and vegetables, we got a bag of fresh tomatoes at one of the regular (non-festival related) shops, which Nick canned on Monday evening.




Plus we had a long walk on a nice afternoon, after a solid day of rain on Saturday.

Thank you for dropping over,
xo loulou