Cat’s Christmas Portrait on Handmade Greeting Cards


A certain furry someone had his Christmas portrait taken last week. The powers of suggestion work pretty well with our Eddie, in that if we lay a blanket, mat, pillowcase (you get the idea, basically anything he can sit on) on the floor, he will make a speedy beeline for it, no matter what. (You’ll see more of this phenomenon at play next Caturday when I show you how helpful he has been in getting all kinds of things ready for Christmas.)

So this little idiosyncrasy resulted in him plunking his bum down on the red woolen blanket I was putting down, even before I’d had a chance to get it straightened out.

I wasn’t so sure how he would react to wearing the scarf, which came tied around the neck of a past Christmas themed teddy bear, that is long gone but from which I saved the cute little tartan scarf. Turns out that Eddie seems to have been waiting to be given a cozy scarf. He was right into it, continuing to wear it around the house for a bit after we were done with the photos. In fact, he made a dash for the door going outside when Nick had it opened, and I literally had to chase him to get the scarf off before it was lost to the wilds of the great outdoors.




As I have done in previous years, Eddie’s Christmas portrait was turned into a few greeting cards for people who know him and would appreciate his image gracing their card. I made some extra pictures too, to enclose within regular cards, a couple of which I sent to my Aunt Joan. Why two for her? Well, my mother reported that the little girl my aunt babysits really wanted the picture of Eddie that I had sent last year. Of course, I must do all that I can to encourage a budding cat lover.

Speaking of loving cats, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I found myself in tears the other night, as I read a random blog post by a writer I had never come upon before, as she told about having to put her cat down recently. Bawling, I tell you. I felt ridiculous even when all alone with nobody to see, but I know the root of my sadness was the inevitable loss of Eddie. He is in his senior years now, and both Nick and I remind ourselves to appreciate having him with us, every single day. It makes me wonder why humans are compelled to have pets at all, as it is inevitable that we will outlive them and have to go through the pain of losing them one day.

How depressing I am being here. I apologize and while doing so, I say a thank you thank you thank you to whomever should be thanked, that we have Eddie here this Christmas.

Here are some behind the scenes shots :




And here he is just enjoying wearing his scarf after we were done :




I have made this style of greeting card with images printed on our regular ink-jet printer before, and wrote out a detailed ‘How-To’ here.




Thank you very much for dropping over. I hope you’re having a very good weekend. We have been hit with a massive snowfall here, and as I type Nick is outside shoveling for the third time in less than 24 hours.

xo loulou
and Eddie too!