Possibly the Best Quilt Ever : Cats by Wendi at Shiny Happy World


Before I proceed with this week’s ‘Pet Related Post’ I must make it clear that full credit for what you’re going to see here today goes to Wendi over at the blog aptly named Shiny Happy World. I am merely the portal through which you can see something really good!

Isn’t this cat quilt fantastic? It’s almost hard to believe that someone made this by hand.






While I have made patchwork blankets (like this one I recently made), I have never made a proper quilt. That hasn’t stopped me from admiring them and following a few blogs specializing in quilt making, Wendi’s being one of them. I also keep a board on Pinterest that is fulled with inspiration images and titled ‘One Day I Will Make a Quilt’. As a pre-teen one of my favourite tv shows was a local program featuring two ladies who made a different quilt block every episode. Much to the chagrin of my siblings in our one-television household, I watched that program with much enthusiasm.

Wendi’s Cat Quilt features 12 different felines, each quilted with a different background stitch pattern. She calls her technique ‘quilting as you go’ in that each square is fully attached to the batting and then they are all sewn together, backed and bound. You can use as many squares as you want to make a quilt of whatever dimension suits you. Or you can pick one and make a cushion. Also you can pick whatever fabrics you want so the possibilities are endless.


The pattern is available for sale for $12 at her site here if you’d like to take this beyond admiration of an excellent handmade textile and make one yourself.

Wendi doesn’t stop at quilting and also makes really cute and creative stuffed toys too, including some for which she provides free patterns if you join her mailing list (I did!). If you enjoy looking at handmade things as much as I do, you’ll have a great time scrolling through her site. There is so much there.

Right now on her blog she is showing her readers another great animal quilt, this one with a variety of birds called Chirp. She has also written a dog quilt pattern too. But it being ‘Caturday’ I just had to share the cat one with you today!

Thanks for taking a look and thank you to Wendi for making this world a shinier happier place.