From Grungy to Pretty in 30 Seconds


Here’s a little idea that saved a ceramic plant-pot from being hidden away or getting tossed in the trash.

I loved the colour and the raised dot pattern on this plant pot when I saw it and thought it would be a great new home for one of my African Violet plants. Then after the first watering completely overflowed the attached saucer I realized that this pot was going to be a certain water-ring leaver on any wooden furniture I placed it upon. Our vintage round wooden table was ruined by a water-ring caused by another plant overflowing once, so I am wary of this problem. I tried to pry the saucer off the burgundy pot but that was a no-go as it seemed to be sealed on during the ceramic firing stage, so unless I wanted to break it, the saucer was staying. So, I just put the whole thing into a larger plant saucer that I had, and we lived happily ever after …. for a little while.

It wasn’t long until I began to notice the minerals in the soil were forming a very hard and unattractive white crusty finish to the bottom of the pot. I tried to scrub it off but it wasn’t budging. But it was only a plant pot, so I just stuck it to the back of a multiple plant table where the other plants would hide the grunge.

It stayed there, not really getting the light it needed, until recently when I took the 30 seconds that were required to turn the whole thing into a display worthy centre piece. All I needed was an inexpensive bag of polished stones that I found at the dollar store. It was as easy as one-two-three. Now the old saucer is completely hidden and the new one is plenty big to catch the drainage when I water the plant. (Did you know that you’re supposed to water house-plants until a bit of water runs out the bottom of the pot? A good deep watering is much better for your plants than are more frequent lighter waterings. Some people water their plants in the sink or bathtub because of that and let them drain there, but I have too many plants to do that.)


↑ the plant is sitting on a coaster in this shot ↑




By the way you don’t have to wait until an ugly crust forms at the base of your plant pot to do this!

Thanks for taking a look.
xo loulou