It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year : First Signs of Spring Around Our Place


Someone around here has worse spring fever than I do — Nick had all the garden furniture and terracotta plant-pots out from under the tarp, where they spent the winter all tightly covered and bungee-corded together, before I had a chance to take a ‘before’ picture. But I’m certainly not going to complain because setting up my favourite room in the house is something I look forward to from the day the last bungee is hooked in the fall until the first day it is sprung loose.

Of course, as is always the case in Toronto during April, the first little peek of nice weather was immediately followed by some miserable weather, and the wooden stuff was all moved again so it is underneath the awning, protected from the cold rain that fell most of yesterday, all through the night and into today when it still falls as I type this. In fact, we’d be naive to expect that we won’t still get yet another dusting of snow before the dreaded season is over, but a thermometer that showed two consecutive days with temperatures on the plus side are sure signs of the good days to come and we want to be ready to take full advantage.

Here are some shots taken around our place on the weekend.


↑↑ patio table – check. barbecue – check ↑↑


↑↑ I’ll be spending more time in my throne (lol) in the months to come than in any other chair in the joint ↑↑


↑↑ So much to sniff ↑↑


↑↑ Cleaning away the dust ↑↑


↑↑ A hot drink is still preferable over a cold one but won’t be for long ↑↑


↑↑ Temperatures above zero ↑↑


↑↑ This robin was chirping to beat the band. If you look closely you can see that its beak is open mid-tweet ↑↑


↑↑ A young sparrow. Baby animals represent springtime for sure ↑↑


↑↑ This guy has been around throughout the winter so is not really spring related however he sure has a spring in his step ↑↑


↑↑ Buds on a maple tree ↑↑


↑↑ Some rose-hips from last fall ready to be pruned away ↑↑


↑↑ One of the new tulips (bought during this trip to the garden store) busting out ↑↑


↑↑ A small patch of crocuses early in the day ↑↑


↑↑ The same patch in flower later that same day ↑↑

Thanks for visiting our home via these pictures. You can be assured that you’ll see lots more photography out there in the months to come.
Happy Tuesday my on-line friends,
xo loulou