Party of Four : Friends at Our Place


On Sunday evening a couple from the ‘hood came over for a visit. Kim and Chris are some new friends we met while dog walking. ‘Wait a minute’, you might be thinking, ‘you don’t have a dog’. And you are right, we don’t. But they do; a handsome fellow named Henry helped to make the introductions. Anyway, bonding over a shared love of animals lead us to having a friendly glass of wine together.

For snacks we had some green grapes, these Marinated Olive, Tomato and Cheese Hors D’eourves, and some small open-faced sandwiches (aka Crostini) spread with three different toppings. The food was quite tasty, if I do say so myself, and I’ll share the recipes for the toppings tomorrow.





While things were tidied up I snapped a few shots of our decor, before company arrived.






Some thrifted finds seen in these photos – I thought you might like to see some inexpensive thrift store things in action:

– Vintage Amber Glass Bowl, found during this thrifting trip.
– Vintage Amber pressed glass Plate, found during this thrifting trip.
– Cotton round tablecloth, found during found during this thrifting trip.
– Small ‘Majolica-like’ pottery vase, (with the collection of pineapple pieces) found during this thrifting trip.
– Marble drink coasters, found during this thrifting trip.
– Vintage Wall Pocket, found during this thrifting trip.
– and thrifted by my parents and gifted to me, Vintage Corelle Sandwich Plates, discussed in this post.

Practice what you preach – Displaying some ‘Do It Yourself’ projects previously seen on this site:

– An orange crate turned flower box, seen here. (The daffodils that were also in the box, were past their peak but the hyacinth still had some life in her.)
– A Plant Pot saved from the trash with an easy fix, seen here.
– What happens to an awkward-to-store Christmas Decoration display, seen here. I found the little sequin owl on the sidewalk the other day. I’ve actually found a few neat things lately and am planning a post to show you, so you’ll get a better look at the cute little owl.

Our wine glasses, each of which has a different pattern for easy identification, which we reserve for use when friends come over, are these Mikasa ones.

Oh, and a picture of the grapes just because.


We look forward to seeing our new friends again and plans for that are already in the works.

Thank you for taking a look at what we’ve been up to. Hope you’re having a good week.
xo loulou