Odd Sighting – Mannequins Out and About


You know how when you see something once, you begin to see it over and over again? Now I know that two sightings does not a trend make, but I do think that it was very odd to come upon two situations within one week, where parts of mannequins were temporarily left in a spot where they could be photographed by me.

In both cases they were right in the middle of being moved, so probably only stayed where I found them for a very short time, so I was in the rights spot at the right time.

This first series was taken as I was going to the store to get milk and a few things.




This next one was taken as I was passing the same place again on my way home. Notice the difference? Hint: Take a look at the dresser in the picture above. Why yes, some hands were added to the collection while I was doing my shopping.


While I was taking this next picture, a few days later in a completely different part of town, I heard some guys coming around the corner and declaring, ‘Look, someone is taking pictures of them.’ They were the ones moving the mannequins, but I didn’t hang around to chat because that graffiti glaring at me scared me away. (Not really … I just didn’t want to explain why I would be sneaking a photo of their naked mannequin parts.)


How about you? Any out-of-the-ordinary sightings in your world lately?

Wishing you a great Wednesday,