Dream Dollhouse – Part I : The Kitchen

This is the first in a short series of posts where I will show you how my dream dollhouse would be decorated, if I were to have one.

It turns out that I have fairly expensive taste in dollhouse furnishings, and mostly go for the rare vintage pieces. So that is one of the reasons I won’t actually be getting one in real-life. Another reason is that I don’t have the space to display one, nor the propensity for dusting that one would require. So, I shall take advantage of my on-line life and enjoy decorating a virtual dollhouse.

Here are some choices for the perfect kitchen.

[Note: All photos were copied from ebay. I did not take any of them myself, although I did some cropping, brightening and formatting.]

I am going to begin with the piece that actually spurned the whole idea for this series. On my usual search for vintage Pyrex, this amazing set popped up. Yes, I had one of those ‘If money were no object moments’ and almost pushed the bid button, but in the end, good sense kicked in.


There were three bids submitted when I spotted it, with the highest being a steep $129 + s&h.

Isn’t it amazing? Tiny pieces of Pyrex all still enclosed in their original packaging. I have the exact same little square dishes and the bowls in life-size, which we use all the time.

In the pursuit of full disclosure I should point out that this set is the only item that I will show in this series, that is actually not scaled to dollhouse size, but is rather slightly larger, meant to be used by Barbie Dolls. (Speaking of which, have you seen mine here?)

I had a couple of choices for the table and chairs, each coming in at about $65 at the time I saw them. The second set was very popular though, with 38 bids, so probably went for quite a bit more.



And some nice appliances. These are new reproduction items, priced at $76 including s&h.


They say that red is a good colour in a kitchen because it encourages appetite.

Of course, we need some dishes, only $30 each set. Not bad (cough).


These ones would match with my real-life majolica collections, seen here.


Pots, pans and canisters. The red enamel ones were found in the seller’s grandfather’s house and are real cast iron. And the lids come off.





How about a handmade Pennsylvania Dutch corner cabinet for storage?


Oh, and of course, you would need a tiny toaster that actually pops your toast up. The phone is cute too, but too bad it’s not red. The pink would clash, so I might have to move it into the hallway, with this metal chair, just right to sit on while chatting with a friend. The chair is from the 1930s, and had 28 bids on it when I saw it, with the highest being $35 including s&h.



And because even in dollhouse land one has to keep things tidy and clean …


This cabinet was going for $60 and came supplied with broom and a dustpan. Handy.

How about you? Did you or do you have a dollhouse? I have never had one but don’t remember feeling like I was missing out because I was able to enjoy a good one at a neighbour’s place.

I’ve discussed my love for miniature things before, namely in this post where I marveled at the Holiday dioramas set up in the windows of the downtown location of The Bay department store, and here where I told you about The Borrowers series of books that I bought.

Thanks for dropping over. Hope your Tuesday is a good one.
xo loulou